Gauteng Times is a title of Bra Gibbz Holdings (Pty) Ltd, an online Community Newspaper focusing on the breaking news around Gauteng. Situated on the Highveld, Gauteng Times accounts for only 1.5% of the country’s land area, it is home to more than quarter of its population.

Gauteng Times is an online newspaper with a mission to bring you stories that mainstream media would hesitate to bring to your screens over morning coffee. We highlight key issues plaguing our community, country and the world, while serving news as it happens. Every week we will bring you fresh news from communities around Gauteng Province, something you won’t find anywhere else. Keep watching this space and coming back for more.

Gauteng Times is part of everyday life, it is part of the community and we want to serve the society through happy and sad days.

Gauteng Times is a reflection of the community and we are trying to strive for the truth. Not all of the news will be always positive, but Gauteng Times will always be there to reflect all the events.

We want the online paper to become part of our faithful rea­ders and advertisers’ lives, and we hope to continue in years to come. We are part of the community and have already initiated numerous projects to increase the quality of life of all residents with Bra Gibbz Foundation. We believe that, with the help of our loyal readers and advertisers, we can continue and even improve our service.

Gauteng Times predominantly publishes community news, social, school, sport and profiles local influential individuals. Gauteng Times showcases Bra Gibbz Holdings (Pty) Ltd’s excellent standard of online newspaper design, high standard of journalism and its dedication to reach and serve its communities. We believe in in-depth journalism and provide our readers with the information they need. We strive to embrace the different opinions and viewpoints of the community.

Gauteng Times caters for all age groups with a focus on stories about the youth and entrepreneurs. We write news as it is, and we have well-trained journalists who make sure you get the latest in local news, schools, current affairs, entertainment and sports. The Gauteng Times project is steered towards one specific goal – which is to give Gauteng residents an online newspaper that speaks to them.